Holy Synod of the Hellenic Orthodox Church, taking care of spiritual needs of Russian-speaking population in the capital has blessed the start of construction of the cathedral church in honor of Our Lady Mother of 'Panagia Sumela "in the district of St. Peter's in the area of ​​Aharne, the northern city of Athens.

The icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary "Panagia Sumela" for many centuries was at the famous monastery of the Virgin Sumela in Asia Minor. She was revered as a sacred relic, the patron of Pontus and his people. During the Asia Minor catastrophe monastery was destroyed and the Pontic people scattered throughout the land. The icon was moved to Greece, where she was placed in the Athens museum. A little later, found refuge in the shrine of the newly established monastery of Our Lady of Mount Sumela Vermi in Imathia.

Many pilgrims - Orthodox Christians, in particular, Pontian Greeks - come here to pay homage to her shrine - Icon of the Mother of God managed.

Over the past two decades have seen mass migration of the Pontian people, many of which are due to family ties (mixed marriages) and life circumstances of Russian nationality, born and raised in the Russian cultural environment, and care about preserving the Russian language in society. Most immigrants settled in the territory of Attica, in particular in the area Aharne (Menidi). The number of Russian-speaking population living here exceeds 60 000 chelovek.Poluchiv official permission for the construction of the temple, we started construction. With God's help, completed the construction of the lower church. Regular worship in the temple erected committed to the Church Slavonic language in compliance with the liturgical traditions and customs of the Russian Orthodox Church. Our church is not just a house of prayer and spiritual center that through prayer, communication, different cultural and religious activities we are trying to preserve and pass on to their children a great spiritual heritage of Holy Russia.

Currently, construction works are in the stage of completion of concrete work on the construction of the upper part of the church, which is scheduled for late May 2011. Directly after completing the first phase of construction is required to immediately begin the second phase of construction of the temple. It includes brickwork, stone cladding, joinery, metal constructions (windows, doors, etc.), decorating, plumbing and electrical work, interior and exterior plastering, tiling, marble paneling and other finishing work.

To implement the above complex works, the second phase of construction of our church, you must have the appropriate facilities, which, unfortunately, at this moment, we do not, by virtue of a severe economic crisis, which has a particularly negative impact on Greece, and because of which a considerable number of businesses were closed and many of our parishioners who have helped us in the construction of buildings of the temple, out of work.

We therefore appeal to your good feelings with a request to give us financial support for implementation, conceived, in so far as to allow what your capabilities and defines your love to God.

Typically, the construction of the holy churches and other charitable institutions at the expense of donations and contributions of the pious donors, large and small, the number of pious people, especially in Russia - it was the sacred duty of the pious rulers of the Great Princes and Tsars.

In gratitude the names of all donors will be recorded in the church book for perpetual remembrance, the names of the same major benefactors will be recorded on the marble slabs at the gate of the temple.

Hoping for your charitable contribution to the extent that allows your opportunities, and defines your love to God and thank you in advance and express our respect to you and warm gratitude.

Also wish that the Lord has generously bestowed upon you as a bodily and spiritual health and the Virgin Sumela, after whom the temple under construction, was your everlasting helper and patron.

Our account for cash deposits in euros:

IBAN: GR63 0110 0910 0000 0915 5800 056 SWIFT ETHN GRAA Menidi office, addressed to the Church of "Panagia Sumela" in Aharne.

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Our account for donations:
IBAN: GR63 0110 0910 0000 0915 5800 056 SWIFT ETHN GRAA Menidi department, in the name of the Temple "Panagia Sumela" in Aharne.

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